Saturday, October 9, 2010

No pictures....uuuggghhh!!

Well, here's the story.....I finally got about 1/2 hour to myself in my stamp room today - made a thanksgiving card and a baby card (I'm an auntie again to my brothers new baby girl!).  I came downstairs, took the pictures and got ready to download to my computer to post them here.  My computer wasn't co-operating, had to re-start, still wasn't working and by now, baby is letting me know that my time is OVER! She needs me NOW!  In my sheer frustration of not getting the pictures to load, crying baby and not to mention sheer sleep deprivation.... I got up from the computer in a bit of a "huff", tripped on the cord connecting the camera to the computer and the camera smashed on the hardwood floor.  I can hear your gasps.  That's more camera, the lens has a big dent in the side and won't retract or focus.  This has happened to me before, I have absolutely no luck when it comes to cameras - this is my 3rd one.  I secretly was wanting a new one, but this is not how I had intended getting it.  So if you've read along this far, there won't be any posts for a little bit, until I can sort this out.  I hope to be back soon

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